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      On that dark night, a bright moon illuminated the earth. Our family went to Lugou Bridge to enjoy the moon. We came to Lugou Bridge and I saw two rows of stone lions guarding Lugou Bridge like small soldiers. We stood on the bridge and looked down at the bright white water in the water, which was shining with moonlight. The reunion moon rises and falls on the surface of the water, and is sometimes made elliptical or semicircular by slightly turbulent waves. Suddenly a stone fell into the water, which scattered the bright moon into a big circle. Although the moon soon returned to its original state, the circle of the water surface remained, and gradually expanded to zero. Looking up at the white moon holding a group of naughty stars in the sky like eating sweet moon cakes singing wonderful songs. I think of an old myth. There used to be nine suns in the sky. The Queen Mother let Hou Yi shoot down the sun. But the descendants shot down eight sun queens and gave them only two angels. After eating the angels, they could become immortals and never grow old. Pengmeng wanted to steal the angels. As soon as the descendants left Pengmeng, they robbed Xiandan. Chang#39;e swallowed two Fairies in order not to let Pengmeng steal one mouthful. The body slowly drifted into the air, and in order to see its descendants, it landed on the moon nearest to the earth.

      I had a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Because I am accompanied by my parents.